How I shoot

How I shoot - Melissa Segal Photography
Portrait photographer based in New York City. I grew up in France, where I developed an interest in visual arts very early. I moved to New York City in 2001 to pursue my passion and focused on photography after experimenting with filmmaking.

I am influenced by the connections I make with people, I love what I do and I am not greedy with the photos I take. I will snap until (we) get what (you) want.

Whether you want to capture a look, a style, a moment in a portrait, or the connection with your partner, friend, family member, I will make you feel at home wherever we are. I also adore children, and enjoy capturing their essence for everlasting memories.

Prior to our photo shoot, I will sit down with you over a cup of coffee (or any beverage (you prefer)) to discuss the goals of the session. I will ask questions and listen to the ideas that you have to come up with the best lighting, location, and atmosphere for your photos. My goal is to collaborate on a project with you that will end with beautiful photos reflecting both the comfort of our sessions as well as the concept and look desired. 

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